Performing Arts Overview

Performing Arts Overview

ImmSchOfArtsLogo(1)Performing arts consist of a variety of different aspects of the arts industry, however, it can be broadly understood to be singing, acting and dancing. Other talents such as playing musical instruments and circus skills are also considered valuable assets of any performer.

Many people who train as a performer hope to be, what they call in the industry, a triple threat, this means that they can sing, act and dance; think Hugh Jackman and you won’t go far wrong. The benefit of such a skill set is that you greatly improve your chances of employment as you can work across a diverse range of jobs from musical theatre to straight film acting. Many performers also work on cruise ships, in cabarets and review shows and teach in their spare time as a way to supplement their income, as employment in the industry can be sporadic.

Though no formal qualifications are required to be a performer, training can help you hone your talent and assist in gaining exposure, which in turn could help you secure an agent. Another thing to remember is that as a performer you’ll still need a certain level of academic engagement to put together a strong CV and deal with issues such as taxation.

Being on stage is not the only way to be involved in the performing arts, there are many creative behind the scenes roles too. As well as the more obvious positions of director and choreographer, people who have a passion for technology or design can make a wonderful career in costume or set deign, as sound engineers, a lighting specialist or make up artists.

Though the industry is more competitive than ever before, with a good mix of talent and determination it is still possible to make a successful living in the performing arts with the right training, vision and hard work.

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