Performing Arts Training

Performing Arts Training

2014-Spring-Classes3To succeed in the performing arts industry one must, of course, have talent. However, rarely is this talent so great that it cannot benefit from some type of formal training at a drama or performing arts school. Many schools now offer some form of performance art as a subject, but to really develop your craft you should study it at tertiary level (university or college).

Arts education is fundamentally about building and strengthening your talents as a singer, dancer, actor, mime artist, or whatever your particular craft is. You will undertake a rigorous schedule, which is more similar to a full-time job than a regular degree. The purpose of this is to train one up to s professional level so you have the ability to perform eight shows a week without injury or fatigue. Performers in many senses are considered athletes; the theatre industry especially is very demanding. While studying you will also build your skill profile as a performer and learn to do things such as juggle, stunt scenes, and fencing. These are great CV attributes, as a company won’t have to train you up in these disciplines if they are required for a role.

However, it’s not all about the practical facets, you will also be required to do a fair amount of academic of written work. This is critical to not only receive your academic accreditation but also it’s very useful to learn the technical terminology of the performing arts world and also learn how to read and interpret difficult scripts such as Shakespeare. This academic underpinning will also give you the ability to discuss roles and themes with prospective directors and casting agents intelligently. If you were auditioning for a play by Arthur Miller one would be expected to understand his themes of guilt, oppression, and race.

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