The life of a performer

The life of a performer

nr3When you decide to be a performer, you take on a lifestyle rather than a job. It isn’t a profession that starts at 9 and ends a 5 like you can expect from a normal working life. If you work in theatre, no matter if you are on stage or working in the technical department, your working life will primarily be in the evening and weekends, apart from the period when you’ll be in rehearsal. This does in fact work very well for many people, but it is something to consider if you want to be a professional performer.

Working as a professional performer is also not a constant job and you will likely have to find other sources of income to supplement yourself in between jobs. This can seem stressful but as you progress in your career you can hopefully make enough in your professional roles to see you through periods when work is not available.

As a performer, and especially so if you’re a dancer, you must take good care of your health and make sure that you have the stamina to perform when required. Of course, there will be times when you are sick and cannot work but you will be expected to keep up your fitness levels so when the job comes you are ready to do it. How you look will also heavily influence what kind of roles you get. For the romantic leads, especially in theatre, height, hair and body shape will all influence your chances of getting a part. If you want to be a character actor then looks are a little less important but not redundant. Keeping in shape and looking smart will influence what roles you get, if you turn up to an audition for Prince Charming with un-groomed hair and a vest top, it might not give off the best impression.

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